myCBR 3 is an open-source similarity-based retrieval tool and software development kit (SDK). With myCBR Workbench you can model and test highly sophisticated, knowledge-intensive similarity measures in a powerful GUI and easily integrate them into your own applications using the myCBR SDK.myCBR 3 is an open-source case-based reasoning tool developed at DFKI and the Centre for Model-based Software Engineering and Explanation-aware Computing at the University of West London.

This page provides new releases of myCBR 3 - for more information on myCBR please visit the main myCBR website

Standalones (August 2012)

SDK (August 2012)

Sample application archives (August 2012)

These myCBR sample applications have been created for demonstration purposes. Case-based product recommender systems are just one example of similarity-based retrieval applications. The projects are (for the time being) only available as Eclipse-project-archives.

Sample projects (August 2012)

These myCBR sample projects have been created for demonstration purposes. The Whiskey, PC and Camera data set is based on UCD publications. The raw data along with more CBR data sets can be found here.

Tutorial slides for myCBR 3

Read up on myCBR3 and how to make the most off it for your CBR application.

Useful links to 3rd party software

The following links list useful 3rd party software for your CBR application development.

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