myCBR 3.0.1 Documentation

de.dfki.mycbr.core Contains all classes that represent core functionality of a CBR application such as the domain model, case bases, similarity functions and retrieval algorithms.
de.dfki.mycbr.core.action Defines classes for specifying actions that operate on Observable objects.
de.dfki.mycbr.core.casebase Contains classes for the basic definition of DefaultCaseBase objects.
de.dfki.mycbr.core.explanation Explanations provide additional information on all myCBR concepts.
de.dfki.mycbr.core.model Contains classes for the basic definition of the project's model.
de.dfki.mycbr.core.retrieval All retrieval algorithms extend the abstract class RetrievalEngine and can be used within Retrieval objects to obtain the retrieval results (possibly ordered pairs of case and corresponding similarity).
de.dfki.mycbr.core.similarity Contains standard classes to maintain similarity functions for attribute descriptions (local similarity functions) and concepts (amalgamation functions).
de.dfki.mycbr.core.similarity.config Contains various enumerations specifying configurations for the corresponding similarity function. Contains classes that handle import and export of relevant CBR application data.
de.dfki.mycbr.util Contains utility classes that are useful but do not have a special meaning for case-based reasoning applications.